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Avoid This in Your Testimonial Video Production

Avoid This Problem in Your Testimonial Video Production  Okay. So, it’s Q4, which means that I’m getting a lot of calls about testimonial video production. I got to tell you, you already know my complaint about the talking head in front of the potted plant, but the other problem that I see, especially in […]

Putting Value in Yourself

Putting Value in Yourself  Okay. So, I had a conversation this morning that I did not like and I wish I could tell you this was the first time I’ve had this conversation and I wish I could tell you it was going to be the last but it’s not. So I need to […]


The Perils of Perfectionism

Video Production: Ship it. Every day.  Video Production Okay so I have a confession to make, which is I don’t like doing these videos. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I do love you, but these take a lot of time, effort, and energy to put together, and I need you to understand […]

Why the Hat?

Pro Tip:  Decision Fatigue and the Baseball Hat.  Okay. I said I would answer questions. Today’s question is, what’s under the hat? And the answer is hair that’s not very good at being hair, but this is actually something I want to talk about. So I’m going to turn it into a rant. The […]

The Perfect Person

Pro Tip: Who are you looking for? Who are you?  Video Production Okay, so Zig Ziglar did a thought experiment, had the large audience and said, “Okay, if you could pick anybody who would be your perfect boss or your perfect employee or your perfect spouse or your perfect partner, and you can type […]


Design: If you don’t put value in design, please check here.  Okay. I am here to make an appeal to CEOs who don’t put a lot of value in design. I understand. It’s okay. Your sales team is very important. Your designers are great. They give you fantastic stuff. Your website looks good. Your […]

Purchasing Power

Pro Tip: If you want to change buyers’ habits you have to change your own. Okay, so one of the interesting things about human nature is that I expect you to behave like me and you expect me to behave like you. It is our fundamental baseline understanding of the human condition. We know ourselves […]

The Pause That Refreshes

Pro Tip: Take a moment and think about what you want. Okay, so it is the second of the month, which means it is Analytics Day. We do reviews every Monday and Friday, we do an audit on the 15th, but analytics day is special. Why do we do it on the second? Because on […]

Unmake the Mistake

Pro Tip: What do you do when it all goes wrong? Okay, so today I would like to talk about screwing up. There are basically two reactions that people usually have when they screw up. The first one is, “Oh my god, everything’s wrong, what are we going to do?” They panic and that’s honorable […]

Make It Easy

Make It Easy

Client Story Videos: Make things easier for the Marketing Chief.  Okay. What I want to talk about today is making things easier. I have never met a marketing chief who has too much time on their hands because everything from the executive suite that they don’t want to do comes to you, everything from […]