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3 Principles of Persuasive Argument (pt.2)
Client Story Videos: 3 Principles of Persuasive Argument (pt.2)

3 Principles of Persuasive Argument
Client Story Videos: 3 Principles of Persuasive Argument

Multiply & Conquer
Client Story Videos: How Many Happy Clients Do You have?

Testimonial Videos
Client Story Videos: How Long is Too Long?

Wendy’s Problems
Video Production: Scripting

What about Bob?
Geofencing:  How do you stay in touch after the convention?

OK so let’s talk about Bob. Bob is at the convention and Bob is a prospect is a potential client is somebody you’d really like to work with and so he’s been a lot of time effort and energy going to the convention getting your signage together getting booth together you meet Bob have a nice conversation with you have a couple drinks and trade business cards.  Now you got a couple of different ways to reach out to Bob, you got his telephone number you got his email address but that will only get you so far is there something that we can target Bob.  So in the old days geofencing worked when they were in the area with the town or a small town or a burb or in this case in room.  The new geofencing technology allows you to track their IP address so I can broadcast your messaging to them after they leave on his way to the airport Bob sees your logo on his way home Bob says your logo by the next week but the next month for the next quarter Bob hasn’t forgotten about you because Bob keeps Barb is ready to have a conversation with you,  And that’s how you keep up with Bob.

Geofencing Parameters
Geofencing:  Targeting down to 25 feet.

I want to address this one because it goes back to the idea of what geo fencing is.  So in the old days so it used to be a city Denver right or you want to target three suburbs of Denver because they match your audience profile, great.  But the technology has advanced to the point where we can target down to about 25 feet which is one room.  So I’ll give you an example we had a client call and say they had a convention coming up at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and we’d like to geo fence it, ok no problem.  Couple days later a client calls with an entirely different conference going on at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on the same day.  Now in the old days I would’ve had to say no but in this case what we did was target one campaign to the Augustus Ballroom at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas and another campaign Octavius Ballroom at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas each one of them targeted their own convention specific messaging every between show me so the geofencing technology is amazing so thanks to EJ Hill for a great conversation today if you get the questions for me email me at

Retargeting:  What time is the right time?

What’s With the Hat?
Pro Tip:  Decision Fatigue and the Baseball Hat.

Target: HQ
GeoFencing:  What's left when you're done pitching?