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Video Production: Now It’s Personal

Video Production
Okay. So have you gotten a letter at your house that is addressed “Dear Occupant”? There’s a new one they’re using recently that it’s, “to our very good friends at” your address. Those things feel awful. It feels like a machine sent us a letter. And it’s not to us, it’s to a million people, and they’re just playing a percentages game. And you look at it, and you’re like, that’s not for me. Stop this. And you throw it away.

Personalization goes a long way. And you can’t talk to everybody individually, but there are some things you can do to personalize your message a little bit, so it feels like you’re speaking to them. Example. So with video production, there’s a very easy way to do this, especially in B2B, which is you get done with your video series and you’ve got the stuff that you’re going to post on your website.

But for your email campaigns you put together videos that are specific to each vertical. So you do one for education, you do one for medical, you do one for government, you do one for technology, you do one for whatever your verticals are. You put one individually together. And it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is change a little bit of the copy and change one or two of the graphics, and all of a sudden you’re talking to medical. And now you are an expert in their field, and now they want to talk to you, because it feels specific, because it feels personal.

So thanks very much to Kelly DeWald for reaching out. And if you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected]