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The Perfect Person

Pro Tip: Who are you looking for? Who are you?

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Okay, so Zig Ziglar did a thought experiment, had the large audience and said, “Okay, if you could pick anybody who would be your perfect boss or your perfect employee or your perfect spouse or your perfect partner, and you can type a list of things into a machine and it would spit out the perfect person for that, what would you type in? What would be the traits that you would look for?” The audience would start sending back feedback saying, “We want somebody who is loyal. We want somebody who is hardworking. We want somebody who is fun, honest, somebody creative, somebody insightful, somebody generous.” They’d get through the entire list and they’d start running out of suggestions, and Zig would say, “Okay, how many of these, I want to divide these up. How many of these are skills? How many of these are gifts, and how many of these are attitudes?” Almost without fail, everything on the list is an attitude.

An attitude is something that you can adjust and it’s within your control. Oh, by the way, it’s why people want to be with you. Your skills are a given. You’re professional, you wouldn’t be a professional without it. If you’re an electrician, you know electrical skills. Your gifts, you can’t control because those were given to you and you decide whether to use them or not. But your attitude, your attitude is something that you can work on every day. Now, you should spend time working on your hard skills, absolutely. But, keep in mind the reason people want to be around you is because of your attitude. Decide what kind of attitude you want to have and be that. Thanks to Ginny Maxwell who helps me be grateful every day. If you’ve got questions for me, email me at