Why AdTech?

why adtech
AcTech: Good Numbers Make for Great Creative.


Today is Numbers Day, which means we get to go through the numbers for everybody’s campaigns and see how many impressions and how many clicks, and we review it several times during the course of the month, but this is the day that we actually report on and what the results were and use those to move forward for the next month.

One of the questions that I got asked this weekend was, “Andy, you’re a creative guy. You’ve always been a creative guy. What’s the deal with the ad tech? Why did you get into this?” I got to say, as a creative person, it makes me happy to be able to see numbers and be able to go, “Oh, people responded this way, or people responded this way, or the results of this were,” because instead of operating the creative in a vacuum, you get to see what the results were every month.

Inevitably, you get to, as a creative person, go, “Well, how can I make this better this month? Well, what could we do to increase the click-through rate? What can we do to increase the conversion rate? What can we do to tell a better story?” Instead of doing creative in a vacuum, you’re doing creative to a purpose. I love that. I completely get off on that because it makes it fun and it makes it challenging.

So that’s the reason why, and thanks to Jonathan Dana so much for reaching out to me. That was a nice moment for me. If you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected].