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Testimonial Videos: Bad Actors

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Testimonial Video Production: Bad Actors

Testimonial Video Production
Okay. So a lot of you already know that I worked with Quentin Tarantino for two years during the Pulp Fiction era, and I actually wanted to use one of those quotes to talk about a testimonial video production. There’s a scene in Reservoir Dogs where they’re on the rooftop and he says, “To do this job, you’ve got to be a great actor. You’ve got to be naturalistic. You’ve got to be naturalistic as hell because if you ain’t a great actor, you’re a bad actor and a bad actors are bull**** in this job.”

Is your client a great actor? (No!) And they’re not going to be, unless they keep saying it and saying it and saying it, saying it and saying it. And they’re not going to do that because they’re not going to prep before you come. That’s not their job. So you will get there. And the worst way to get a naturalistic performance out of somebody is just stick a bunch of lights right in front of him and stick a microphone down here and then come in with a film crew and go, okay, great, be naturalistic. Go. Yay. Train wreck. It’s awful.

We have a better way to do it. So if you’re considering doing testimonial videos, please give us a call because we can give you great actors and not bad actors. Because the last thing you want to do after going through the process of making a testimonial video is wind up with some bull****.

I had to bleep these because my mom’s watching, so thanks to Melissa Simon for reaching out. If you got questions, email me at [email protected].