Character Matters

The Pause That Refreshes

Pro Tip: Take a moment and think about what you want.

Okay, so it is the second of the month, which means it is Analytics Day. We do reviews every Monday and Friday, we do an audit on the 15th, but analytics day is special. Why do we do it on the second? Because on the first, not everybody is done with their reporting. So I don’t like going backwards to collect an additional 0.8% of data.

On analytics day we… Every campaign gets stopped down for about half an hour and we go line by line through every single thing that it’s doing and see what we can do to optimize to make it better. How does this apply to you? We all have systems in place, whether it’s to save us work or because we don’t have enough time to deal with that or it’s supposed to be somebody else’s job. There are systems in place to help keep things going and every once in a while you just need to stop it down and assess what’s going on.

What do I want this to be doing and how can I make it better? And that’s whether it’s your sales processes or your staff management and and ops, or your social media. Every once in awhile, pause, take a break, take a breath, stop and assess it. Is it doing what you want it to do, and how can you make it better? It’s a pause worth taking. Thanks very much to Matt Lotz for reaching out and giving us an opportunity to get together, I appreciate it. If you have questions for me, please email me at

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