Watch Andy explain the principles of GeoFencing in less than a minute.

Target: Events + HQs


Is there one place on the map where you need to make an impression?


Paint It With Your Logo.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to advertise to a location as small as a single building and appear on mobile devices, laptops + desktops within that address.  Even better, you can continue targeting those people after they leave your GeoFenced location + advertise to those prospects for an additional 30-90 days. 

Pro Tip:

Think of GeoFencing as your indoor digital billboard.


 Get Creative.


Our clients use GeoFenced advertising to influence prospects at all kinds of locations.  Where can you make an impression?

• Conference Centers

• Prospect Headquarters

• Sporting Arenas

• Corporate Events

• Large Sales Presentations

• Competitor's Storefronts


151 N. Delaware St. 19th Floor #1950
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Jigsaw Team

Owner / Partner
Andy created the Jigsaw AdTech platform and runs the team. He also has a few Emmys™.
Digital Media Lead
Sonya runs our AdTech platforms. She also makes a mean Mai-Tai.
Digital Media Lead
Liam optimizes AdTech to over-deliver and tutors children in robotics.
Digital Video Producer
Ben recently edited his 1000th video. His Vincent Price impersonation is legendary.
Animation Chief
Mac makes better moving pictures than you. He works on 4 laptops simultaneously.