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Target: Events + HQs


Is there one place on the map where you need to make an impression?


Paint It With Your Logo.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to advertise to a location as small as a single building and appear on mobile devices, laptops + desktops within that address.  Even better, you can continue targeting those people after they leave your GeoFenced location + advertise to those prospects for an additional 30-90 days. 

Pro Tip:

Think of GeoFencing as your indoor digital billboard.


 Get Creative.


Our clients use GeoFenced advertising to influence prospects at all kinds of locations.  Where can you make an impression?

• Conferences

• Conventions

• Headquarters

• Corporate Events

• Large Sales Presentations

• Competitor's Storefronts

FAQs About Geofencing

What is geofencing?

Jigsaw geofencing establishes a virtual boundary around a single geographic location.  The could be a store, a convention hall, or a headquarters.  Once the geographic “fence” is set, Jigsaw AdTech delivers advertising to the devices within the boundary.

You display ads are delivered to the users within the boundary, on their web browser + apps in the advertising “inventory” those sites + apps make available for Jigsaw Marketing to purchase.  In short, you pick a building and the people inside it see your geofencing ads.

How small an area can geofencing hit?

Jigsaw’s geofencing targets down to 10 meters, or about 32 feet.  The joke we use is that we can hit the people inside the building without hitting the people on the sidewalk. A great example of Jigsaw’s geofencing targeting is one weekend at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas we had two companies advertising to two separate conference halls at the same time, and their ads didn’t intersect.   That’s accuracy.

What are some elements of a good geofence?

  • Specific—The smaller your location, the more interest you’ll get.
  • Limited—Don’t target an area for too long, pick a window.
  • CTA—You ad messaging matters, having a good CTA is key

What happens after users leave the geofence?

One of the best advancements in AdTech over the last few years is IP tracking.  Once a user enters your geofence, that IP address is targeted wherever they go in the USA, and most overseas locations.  A user within your geofence can see your ad inside the fence, in the cab on their way to the airport, at their hotel the next week, and while looking up scores for the ball game next month.  Your geofence targets those IP addresses until the campaign has delivered all its impressions.

How do your clients use geofencing?

Since Jigsaw works mainly with B2B companies, we specialize in conventions, conferences + headquarters. Many clients use geofencing to augment their presence at an event, while others use it for the events they cannot physically attend.  Sales teams with 6-7 figure deals under consideration use geofencing to target headquarters during the decision period.

How do I track my geofencing results?

All Jigsaw geofencing is assigned an individual UTM which shows up in your site analytics so even when you have 20 campaigns running, you will be able to see which traffic came from which campaign.

How long does it take to set up a geofence?

3 days.  If you let us know on the first of the month you have an event you want to target on the 4th, we’ve got you covered.  Keep in mind your ads must be ready to roll before the event; if you need help creating your geofencing ads, our turnaround time is roughly a week.

How much does geofencing cost?

Advanced forms of AdTech like geofencing are more expensive than typical display advertising because of the specialized technology required to target such a specific audience.  Facebook + AdWords are less expensive, but less targeted.  The smallest buy Jigsaw offers for geofencing a single location with up to 1000 users is $1500, but for a concert or football game, it should be considerably more.

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