Intro to AdTech

Imagine you have a big robot named Jigsaw.

What makes Jigsaw special is he downloaded every digital advertising tool available in the known universe, including several skills you’ve never even heard of. Jigsaw automatically knows which types of AdTech will help you most. GeoFencing, CPC, Display, Competitor Targeting, AI, Keyword, CRM, Jigsaw already knows which AdTech works for you.

He runs your ad campaigns
+ optimizes and improves them
+ reports your results at the end of each month
+ keeps you ahead of your competition
All by himself.

And you? You get to do something better with your time, like your job.

Level Up

You probably use social media, AdWords, emails, SEM + SEO to promote your company.


So does everyone else.


Jigsaw AdTech uses cutting-edge advertising technology platforming + programming to reach targeted audiences for medium-sized businesses. You receive Managed Services, comprehensive reporting + monthly optimization of all your targeted digital campaigns.


AdTech: What's Possible?

Watch Andy explain the types of advertising possible with Jigsaw in less than a minute.

Talk Data to Me

What advertising tactic is right for your company?  What should you use?


We make it easy.


Get AdTech Managed Services from experts in the industry so you can hand off the responsibility to Jigsaw and focus on what matters most to you.

Call Andy

(317) 793 - 8303


101 W. Ohio St. 20th Floor #2000 Indianapolis, IN 46204


The Jigsaw Team

Owner / Partner
Andy created the Jigsaw AdTech platform and runs the team. He also has a few Emmys™.
Digital Media Lead
Amber runs our AdTech platforms. She also makes a mean Mai-Tai.
Geofencing Lead
Brent handles geofencing and tutors children in robotics.
Digital Video Producer
Ben recently edited his 1000th video. His Vincent Price impersonation is legendary.
Animation Chief
Mac makes better moving pictures than you. He works on 4 laptops simultaneously.