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Social Media Testimonial Videos

Social Media Testimonial Videos

Okay, so let’s talk about your social media testimonial videos, all right? I’m talking specifically about business social media, not your personal stuff, but stuff for business. Now, there are three main types of content that get posted on business social media. Number one is thought leadership. All right? You bring on an executive from your company, you do an interview, they write a blog talking about their experiences in the industry, why they’re an expert, maybe changes that are coming up in the industry and how you should adapt for the future. That’s good content.

Number two is announcements, right? We have a new product coming out. We have a new service coming out. We’ve got an event coming up next month and we want to make sure that you attend. Also good content.

Number three is filler, because you’ve got a social media calendar but you don’t have enough content to put on it and you’re not exactly sure what to do, so you wind up manufacturing cheap, quick content that doesn’t really have a purpose to it, which is how you wind up wishing people Happy National Penguin Day, right? You’ve done it before or something like it. We all have.

And the problem is that the social media animal needs to be fed. There needs to be content. You know this. The trick is coming up with content that works. And there’s a fourth type that a lot of people don’t consider, which is customer testimonial videos. And it fills the same purpose. It’s thought leadership, but instead of you advocating yourself and why you’re an expert, you’ve got your clients doing it. So even if you only do a few, even if you only have one a month of client testimonial videos coming out, that becomes social media content that is worth putting out there. And that becomes social media worth doing. So if you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected].