CRM Advertising

CRM Advertising

Watch Andy explain the principles of CRM advertising in less than a minute.

Email's Best Partner


You've already identified your email marketing list as valuable.


Target Them.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to run advertising specifically to the people you select from your CRM emails.  We find the IP addresses associated with those emails and reinforce your email campaign, increasing impressions, consideration + conversions. 

Pro Tip:

Marketers sometimes struggle to show the benefit of what we are doing + how it affects prospects.


 Target Your Bosses + Board.


It's a trick we learned a few years back - target 5000 people on your CRM + when you do, include your bosses.  They will see ads for their company on the web just like your prospects. Not only will it make them smile, but it's also a reminder that you're out there actively promoting the company in new and innovative ways.


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The Jigsaw Team

Owner / Partner
Andy created the Jigsaw AdTech platform and runs the team. He also has a few Emmys™.
Digital Media Lead
Andi never quits and always gets her price. She also dances honkey-tonk.
Digital Media Lead
Liam optimizes AdTech to over-deliver and tutors children in robotics.
Digital Video Producer
Ben recently edited his 1000th video. His Vincent Price impersonation is legendary.
Animation Chief
Mac makes better moving pictures than you. He works on 4 laptops simultaneously.