CRM Advertising

CRM Advertising

Watch Andy explain the principles of CRM advertising in less than a minute.

Email's Best Partner


You've already identified your email marketing list as valuable.


Target Them.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to run advertising specifically to the people you select from your CRM emails.  We find the IP addresses associated with those emails and reinforce your email campaign, increasing impressions, consideration + conversions. 

Pro Tip:

Medium-sized companies sometime struggle when their CRM grows to an unwieldy size.


 Target Separate Verticals.


It's a good idea we learned a few years back: divide your CRM into different verticals like financial, government, medical + education.   Then you can deliver messaging that is specific to their pain.  A unique set of ads tailored for each vertical will give you better engagement than a generic message.

FAQs for CRM Advertising

What is CRM advertising?

You use your CRM for a lot of different things, client outreach among them.  CRM advertising allows you to deliver targeted display ads directly to your CRM address list.  This is an exceptional augmentation to your existing email campaigns.

Your display ads are delivered to the IP addresses connected to those email addresses.  Those users will see your ads, on their web browser + apps in the advertising “inventory” those sites + apps make available for Jigsaw Marketing to purchase.  In short, you pick the email addresses of people you want to see your ads.

How many email addresses can I include in my CRM advertising campaign?

The minimum is 10k email addresses.  This gives us an audience large enough to establish an optimizable cookie pool for those users.  There is no upper limit to the number of people in your CRM you can advertise to.

How do your clients use CRM advertising?

CRM advertising is good for medium-sized companies that want to reach 10k+ contacts.  We have several companies who use CRM advertising to augment their existing email campaigns with branding or special offers.  SkyZone is a good example of a client that collects email from every visitor, giving them the opportunity to advertise via their CRM to directly to drive repeat business.

What are some elements of a good CRM campaign?

  • Targeted to existing clients + prospects
  • Individual campaigns divided by vertical
  • A/B testing for improved response rate

How do I track my CRM advertising results?

All Jigsaw CRM advertising is assigned an individual UTM which shows up in your site analytics so even when you have 20 campaigns running, you will be able to see which traffic came from which campaign.

How long does it take you to set up a CRM advertising campaign?

5 business days.  Keep in mind your ads must be ready to roll before the event; if you need help creating your CRM ads, Jigsaw’s turnaround time is roughly a week.

How much does CRM advertising cost?

Advanced forms of AdTech like CRM advertising are more expensive than typical display advertising because of the specialized technology required to target such a specific audience.  Facebook + AdWords are less expensive, but less targeted.  The smallest buy Jigsaw offers for CRM advertising is $5000, spread over as long as 6 months.

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