Artificial Intelligence Advertising

Artificial Intelligence

Watch Andy explain the principles of Artificial Intelligence advertising in less than a minute.

More Than Machine Learning


Would you like more users on your site who purchase, click + call?


Target Them.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you access to IBM Watson technology, which scans your site for high-conversion sessions and scours the web looking for similar users.

Pro Tip:

Watson A.I. might be magic but it cannot think for you.


 Show Up With A Plan.


A.I. advertising is built for users who have defined conversion metrics on their site.  Always identify a click, call, download, or sale as your goal before you set Watson loose to do your bidding.

Tell it what you want and it will deliver.

FAQs of A.I. Advertising

What is A.I. advertising?

Don’t be afraid, terminators aren’t taking over the world (yet).  Watson’s A.I. platform is an improvement over traditional algorithms + machine learning because it takes the users that behave the way you want on your site and finds more users like them on the web.

Your display ads are delivered to the IP addresses that resemble your best sessions.  Those users will see your ads on their web browser + apps.  In short, you pick the behavior you like best on your site and A.I. advertising goes and finds more of them.

How do your clients use A.I. advertising?

We spent a good deal of time working with Watson’s A.I. platform before we launched it as a service.  A.I. advertising only works well when there are defined KPIs like filling a form or completing a purchase.  We highly recommend A.I. advertising for an e-commerce environment.

How does A.I. advertising work?

Jigsaw Marketing places code on your site and we use that captured data to inform the Watson program of your best users’ behavior.  Using that info, Watson presents your ads to user with behavior patterns likely to end in the same result.

What are some elements of a good keyword advertising campaign?

  • Defined KPIs
  • Specific messaging
  • E-commerce

How do I track my A.I advertising results?

All Jigsaw A.I. advertising is assigned an individual UTM which shows up in your site analytics so even when you have 20 campaigns running, you will be able to see which traffic came from which campaign.

How long does it take Jigsaw to set up a A.I. advertising campaign?

From the time you webmaster places the code on your site, 5 business days.  Keep in mind your display ads must be ready to roll before the event. If you need help creating you’re A.I. ads, Jigsaw’s turnaround time is roughly a week.

How much does A.I. advertising cost?

The smallest buy Jigsaw offers for A.I. advertising is $5000, spread over as long as 5 months.

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