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What Works Best for You?

Jigsaw utilizes multiple advertising technologies to help you target the right prospects for your business. 

Take a look: see which tactic might be right for you. If you're not sure, we can help.

Competitor Targeting

One of our most popular tactics, Competitor Targeting allows you to advertise to users who have shown interest in your competitor's sites.

Use your competition’s traffic against them.  We identify IP addresses that have visited companies like yours that provide similar products + services.  You select the website traffic you want to target, and we build you a custom audience that is specific to that company’s product-specific subdirectories.  If users are in the market and looking at your competition, give them a reason to consider you with Jigsaw Competitor Targeting.  Give your Sales Team a boost and drink your competitors’ milkshake.


Perfect for advertising to conference centers, headquarters or competitors with multiple storefronts, GeoFencing targets prospects in a location and after they leave.

Target any building in the country.  Best used for conferences, conventions + headquarters, geofencing puts your ads in front of the people who matter.  Some Jigsaw Marketing clients use geofencing to reach out to conventions they’re attending, while others use geofencing to target the conventions they can’t attend.  (It costs a lot of money to present well at a convention, and geofencing is a fraction of a cost of a booth + airfare + hotel.)  Our clients also use geofencing to target headquarters while they are considering a proposal and stay top-of-mind with the decision makers.  How can you use geofencing to your advantage?


Artificial Intelligence

IBM Watson technology monitors your site's most active users and seeks out similar users on the web.

IBM Watson’s AI advertising program is smarter than you imagine.  Watson finds the users who are most active + engaged on your site, then seeks out other users with similar behavior patterns.  Once Watson identifies them, those users are shown your ads with an incentive to come visit your site and spend money with you.  AI advertising works best for campaigns with clear KPIs, because it gives Watson the exact behavior you want to replicate.  Ideal for e-commerce, AI advertising is the future of AdTech and and exciting new chapter in what’s possible with digital technology.


CRM Advertising

If email is part of your marketing strategy, CRM ads augment your campaign by delivering ads to the same audience.

Your email campaigns reach 20% of your CRM.  We’ll help get the other 80%.  CRM advertising processes the IP addresses tied to your CRM and targets them with your ads.  Some clients use CRM advertising to drive prospects to their website while others use it as a branding campaign for client retention.  In addition, our clients will divide their CRM by verticals and send industry-specific ads to those users.  However you use it, CRM advertising is the best way to augment your existing email campaigns and put your CRM into overdrive.



There are prospects looking for your product or service on the web; target them with a Keyword campaign.

Don’t assume anything: read this: Keyword advertising is not SEM.  We take Paid Search campaigns and give them legs.  SEM only works in the moment a user searches for a keyword.  Jigsaw AdTech’s keyword advertising puts your display ads in front of those users after they searched, so whether they saw you in first page or not, they will see you in the minutes, hours + days after they search.  Increase your number of touches, stay top of mind + look good doing it. If your time-to-decision is more than 5 minutes, keyword advertising is a huge advantage over your competitors who are only using SEM.



You have spent time, money and energy getting users to your site; give them a reason to come back with retargeted ads.

Tried + true, retargeting  is the foundation of a good AdTech campaign.  You spend a lot of time effort + energy bringing users to your site for the first time.  Stay with them after they leave.  Jigsaw Marketing’s retargeting program marks the users that have been to your site and places your display ads in front of them on their favorite sites.  Most of our clients use product-specific ads, so users who visit the X page get ads for X while visitors to page Z get ads for product Z.  Retargeting is is used by the most successful companies in the world as their front line of driving repeat users and closing sales.  Give your users are reason to return with Jigsaw Marketing retargeting.


AdTech is Easy

It's only complicated if you try to do everything at once.  Our industry specialists have been coding targeted digital advertising for years; we know which tactics work for which industries.

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