Character Matters

Why the Hat?

Pro Tip:  Decision Fatigue and the Baseball Hat.

Okay. I said I would answer questions. Today’s question is, what’s under the hat? And the answer is hair that’s not very good at being hair, but this is actually something I want to talk about. So I’m going to turn it into a rant.

The question actually is, Why the hat? Now, you may have noticed I wear basically the same thing every day. I got a Dri-FIT hat. I got a quarter zip and the same basic pair of pants.

Why? This is all due to a doctor out of Princeton named Roy Baumeister, and Roy was the guy who came up with the concept of decision fatigue. He basically said you’re making hundreds of decisions every day; right, left, north, south, east, west, up, down, chicken or fish. Where do you want to go for lunch? Do you want to use a paperclip or a stapler? All these things add up during the course of the day, and you’re only capable of making so many decisions before you start to wear out, and you stop making rational decisions and you start making emotional ones.

So you may have noticed that a lot of people do this. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing every day. Steve Jobs famously wore the same thing for 15 years. Louis C.K. does it. Christopher Nolan does it. And the reason they do it is because they’re saving up their points. They have other bigger decisions to make during the course of the day than what they’re wearing, so they remove it as a decision.

And this is something that we love here, is making things easier for the client is a mantra. When you can learn to do this for yourself and take away the unnecessary decisions out of your day, you’ll find that you’re capable of lot more. But more importantly, you’ll discover that you can do it for your clients. Taking away a decision, one less thing that they need to worry about or decide upon, when you can do that, when you can give that gift to one of your clients, it’s a huge boon for them. So thanks to Neil Ingram for the question, and if you’ve got questions for me, email me at [email protected].