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Pro Tip: If you want to change buyers’ habits you have to change your own.
Okay, so one of the interesting things about human nature is that I expect you to behave like me and you expect me to behave like you. It is our fundamental baseline understanding of the human condition. We know ourselves better than anybody else, we expect other people to come from basically the same place. A dirty or lying thief will always expect everyone around him to be a dirty lying thief, and a stand up guy is always going to expect everyone around him to be a stand up guy.Brian Wolff, who is the CEO of a great technology company here in town called Parker and I were talking yesterday about which one of us said it first, and of course the answer was neither one of us, but it’s a sales technique that goes something like this. If you want your buyers to buy from you more quickly and more decisively, you change your buying habits, so that you buy more quickly and more decisively. When you need a lozenge, you go into the drugstore and you grab the blue bag because you know the blue bag is the one that you want. You don’t spend a lot of time looking at the rack. You go, you buy it, you get out. You need a computer, you go to your favorite computer spot shop and you buy the medium one because that’s probably going to do.

Try it. Try this one. Go to a car lot where you know exactly the car that you want to buy and say, “I want to buy that car,” and don’t negotiate on the price. Change your buying patterns so that you buy quickly and decisively, and then you can help the person across the table from you do the same. When you’re shaking hands with them, you can say, “Look, if it’s no, that’s fine, but if it’s yes, let’s go.” Because what is there to be afraid of?

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