Keyword Advertising

Keyword Advertising

Watch Andy explain the principles of Keyword Advertising in less than a minute.

SEM With Staying Power


Have you optimized your site for specific keywords + used those keywords for Paid Search ads?


Finish the Game.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to advertise to users who have expressed interest in your keywords and stay in front of them for 30 • 60 • 90 days after their search.   

Pro Tip:

Keyword ad impressions are less expensive than traditional Paid Search.


 Go Big.


Don't bother limiting your keywords, you can try a wide variety of them without breaking the bank.  Once you've run a few campaigns, you will easily be able to tell which keywords serve you best (and you may upgrade a few of your site keywords as well!)


151 N. Delaware St. 19th Floor #1950
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Jigsaw Team

Owner / Partner
Andy created the Jigsaw AdTech platform and runs the team. He also has a few Emmys™.
Digital Media Lead
Andi never quits and always gets her price. She also dances honkey-tonk.
Digital Media Lead
Liam optimizes AdTech to over-deliver and tutors children in robotics.
Digital Video Producer
Ben recently edited his 1000th video. His Vincent Price impersonation is legendary.
Animation Chief
Mac makes better moving pictures than you. He works on 4 laptops simultaneously.