Keyword Advertising

Keyword Advertising

Watch Andy explain the principles of Keyword Advertising in less than a minute.

SEM With Staying Power


Have you optimized your site for specific keywords + used those keywords for Paid Search ads?


Finish the Game.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to advertise to users who have expressed interest in your keywords and stay in front of them for 30 • 60 • 90 days after their search. 

Pro Tip:

Keyword ad impressions are less expensive than traditional Paid Search.


 Go Big.


Don't bother limiting your keywords, you can try a wide variety of them without breaking the bank.  Once you've run a few campaigns, you will easily be able to tell which keywords serve you best (and you may upgrade a few of your site keywords as well!)

FAQs of Keyword Advertising

What is keyword advertising?

Most marketers are used to thinking of keywords in terms of SEO + Paid Search.  Keyword advertising is different—it delivers ads to people who have searched for your keywords recently.  Paid Search allows you to get in front of them while they’re looking; Keyword ads keep you top-of-mind for the next few days afterward.


Your display ads are delivered to the IP addresses that searched for your keywords.  Those users will see your ads on their web browser + apps in the advertising “inventory” those sites + apps make available for Jigsaw Marketing to purchase.  In short, you pick keywords and the people who have shown interest in those keywords your ads.


How do your clients use keyword advertising?

Our best cases use keyword advertising in conjunction with their paid search campaigns, or as a standalone replacement.  Certain keywords can cost a fortune in paid search, and keyword advertising is a much more cost-effective solution + has the additional benefit of multiple branded touches.  If your sales funnel requires multiple touches over a multi-month buying cycle, keyword advertising is a good fit.


How many keywords can I use in my advertising?

The minimum is 5.  There is no upper limit.  Most clients start their advertising campaign with an established list of keywords then adjust their keywords over time based on engagement.


What are some elements of a good keyword advertising campaign?

  • Robust list of keywords
  • Consistent delivery month-over-month
  • Specific ad messaging


How do I track my keyword advertising results?

All Jigsaw keyword advertising is assigned an individual UTM which shows up in your site analytics so even when you have 20 campaigns running, you will be able to see which traffic came from which campaign.


How long does it take Jigsaw to set up a keyword advertising campaign?

5 business days.  Keep in mind your display ads must be ready to roll before the event. If you need help creating your keyword ads, Jigsaw’s turnaround time is roughly a week.


How much does keyword advertising cost?

The smallest buy Jigsaw offers for keyword advertising is $5000, spread over as long as 6 months.

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