Syphon: Competitor Targeting

Syphon: Competitor Targeting

Watch Andy explain the principles of Syphon in less than a minute.

Advertise to Your Competitor's Prospects


Who is taking away prospects that should be coming to you?


Target Them.


Jigsaw AdTech gives you the ability to advertise to users after they visit your competitors' website.    

Pro Tip:

It's likely your competitor's site has plenty of offerings on it, just like yours.


 Get Specific.


Create advertising campaigns that speak to those specific products + services.  If they offer 3 things similar to you, target those 3 webpages with 3 different campaigns.  The more specific you are, the more the prospect will pay attention to you.

FAQs About Syphon Competitor Advertising

What is Syphon Competitor Advertising?

Every business has competition.  Jigsaw’s Syphon platform allows you to target visitors to your competitors’ sites.  Using a cookie pool, we create a custom audience made up of users who have shown an interest in your competitors and show them your ads.


Your display ads are delivered to the that custom affinity audience, on their web browser + apps in the advertising “inventory” those sites + apps make available for Jigsaw Marketing to purchase.  In short, you tell us who your competitors are; we target those users with your ads.


How many competitors can I target?

The minimum is 5.  For first-time users of Syphon competitor advertising we recommend you begin your initial campaign with less than 25 competitors.  Once we establish user patterns and optimize your campaign, we can expand your audience to include every competitor in the country.


What are some benefits of a good Syphon campaign?

  • Excellent Branding
  • Custom-built Audience
  • Targeting Competitors’ Prospects
  • Increasing market reach while driving valuable actions on your site


How do I track my Syphon competitor advertising results?

All Jigsaw competitor advertising is assigned an individual UTM which shows up in your site analytics so even when you have 20 campaigns running, you will be able to see which traffic came from which campaign.


How long does it take to set up Syphon?

3 days.  If you let us know on the first of the month you have competitors you want to target on the 4th, we’ve got you covered.  Keep in mind your banner ads must be ready to roll before the launch confirmation; if you need help creating your Syphon ads, our turnaround time is roughly a week.


How much does Syphon cost?

Advanced forms of AdTech like Syphon are more expensive than typical display advertising because of the specialized technology required to create + target such a specific audience.  Facebook + AdWords are less expensive, but less targeted.  The smallest buy Jigsaw offers for Syphon is $5000, spread out over as long as 6 months.

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