3 Principles of Persuasive Argument

3 Principles of Persuasive Argument

Testimonial Video Production: 3 Principles of Persuasive Argument Okay, so 2000 years ago, Aristotle gave us the three principles of a persuasive argument. Those are logos, pathos, and ethos. Ethos is the character and the credibility of the argument and of the speaker. Logos is logic and a just the facts, ma’am, and pathos is […]


Multiply & Conquer

Testimonial Video Production: How Many Happy Clients Do You have? Testimonial Video Production OK so In putting together our system for how we do client story videos or testimonial videos, research said that the average cost was between 10 and 15 grand, and the average production time was about three months. Okay, that makes sense. […]

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Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial Video Production: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! Testimonial Video Production Okay. So let’s talk about client story videos or testimonial videos and let’s talk about you. All right, you got a client who calls you up. He says, “Hey, we’ve had a great working relationship for a long time. I’d like to send […]


Wendy’s Problems

Video Production: Scripting Video Production Okay. So today I want to talk about video and specifically scripting. So in order to do that, I want to talk about Wendy. All right? So Wendy’s coming to your site. Wendy’s checking you out, she’s seeing what you can do and what you can do for her. And […]

What about Bob?

Geofencing:  How do you stay in touch after the convention? GeoFencing Okay, so let’s talk about Bob. Now, Bob is at the convention. All right, and Bob is a prospect. He’s a potential client. He’s somebody you’d really like to work with. So you spend a lot of time, effort, and energy going to the […]


GeoFencing to 25 Feet

Geofencing:  Targeting down to 25 feet. GeoFencing Okay, so I got a question in about GeoFencing today, and I want to address this one because it comes back to the fundamental idea of what GeoFencing is. In the olden days, it used to mean a city, right? You want to target Denver, great. You want […]



Retargeting:  What time is the right time? Retargeting Okay, so I’ve got another question in today and this one is about retargeting, also known as remarketing. And for those of you who don’t know, we always use the red shoe example, which is you go on Amazon, you look at the pair of red shoes, […]