GeoFencing to 25 Feet

Geofencing:  Targeting down to 25 feet.

Okay, so I got a question in about GeoFencing today, and I want to address this one because it comes back to the fundamental idea of what GeoFencing is. In the olden days, it used to mean a city, right? You want to target Denver, great. You want to target three suburbs of Denver because they match your audience profile? Great, we can do that. But the technology has advanced to the point where we can target down to about 25 feet, which is one room.

So I’ll give you an example. We had a client call us up and say, “Hey, I’ve got a convention coming up at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. I’d like to GeoFence the event.” Okay, great, fine, no problem. A couple of days later, another client calls up and says, “Hey, we have an entirely different conference going on at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on the same dates.”

Now, in the old days, I would’ve had to say no, right? I already bought the airspace for the other guy. But in this case, what we did was target one campaign to the Augustus Ballroom at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, and another campaign to the Octavius Ballroom at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas. Each one of them targeted their own convention with specific messaging and never the twain shall meet. The technology is amazing and you can put it to amazing use.

Thanks to E.J Hill for a great conversation today. And if you’ve got questions for me, email me [email protected].