What about Bob?

Geofencing:  How do you stay in touch after the convention?

Okay, so let’s talk about Bob. Now, Bob is at the convention. All right, and Bob is a prospect. He’s a potential client. He’s somebody you’d really like to work with. So you spend a lot of time, effort, and energy going to the convention, getting your signage together, getting your booth together, a presentation. Maybe you give a speech, and you meet Bob and you say, “Hey Bob, how are you doing?” Have a nice conversation, maybe you have a couple of drinks, you trade business cards. Fantastic. Now, you’ve got a couple of different ways to reach out to Bob now. You’ve got his telephone number and you’ve got his email address. But, that will only get you so far. Is there something else you can do?

Well, in the olden days, GeoFencing meant that we could target people while they were in the area, whether it was a town, or a small town, or a burb, or in this case, a room. You can target people while they’re there. But, the new technology allows you to track their IP addresses, which means that I can broadcast your messaging to them after they leave. So on his way to the airport, Bob sees your logo, on his way home, Bob sees your logo, at the office, Bob sees your logo, when he goes to check his sports scores, Bob sees your logo. So by the next week, by the next month, by the next quarter, Bob hasn’t forgotten about you, because Bob keeps seeing you, and Bob is ready to have a conversation with you. That’s how you keep up with Bob.

Thanks to Craig Fixie just for being a damn good cameraman. If you’ve got questions for me, email me at [email protected].