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Wendy’s Problems

Video Production: Scripting

Video Production
Okay. So today I want to talk about video and specifically scripting. So in order to do that, I want to talk about Wendy. All right? So Wendy’s coming to your site. Wendy’s checking you out, she’s seeing what you can do and what you can do for her. And she gets onto the page of your site where you’ve got one of your videos. Now you have a very finite period of time to capture Wendy’s imagination while she’s there.

Here’s the hard truth. Wendy doesn’t care about you. Wendy doesn’t care about your business. Wendy cares about Wendy. So at the beginning of your video, don’t talk about yourself. Leave it alone. Wait. Talk about Wendy. Talk about her problems. Talk about the things that she’s experiencing that you know from your other clients. Because once you can address Wendy’s problems, then she’ll trust you to solve them for her. So if Wendy doesn’t care about you, make sure you care about Wendy.

Thanks to Felicia Rupp for giving me great help yesterday. And if you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected].