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Testimonial Video Production: How Many Happy Clients Do You have?

Testimonial Video Production
OK so In putting together our system for how we do client story videos or testimonial videos, research said that the average cost was between 10 and 15 grand, and the average production time was about three months. Okay, that makes sense. You got a lot of different things to put together. The problem is that I never met anybody who wanted one client story video. Right? How many happy clients do you have? All of those stories are worth something.

So, in the old model, it was, if you wanted to put together 10 client story videos, that means it would take 150 grand and, more importantly, two and a half YEARS. That’s not okay. Speed it up. So that’s what we did. That’s why we broke the mold, because you ought to be able to get a new client story video every month. Because every single one of those client story videos is going to be valuable to somebody.

Thanks to Andrew for reaching out today. If you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected].