Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial Video Production

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Testimonial Video Production: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Testimonial Video Production
Okay. So let’s talk about client story videos or testimonial videos and let’s talk about you. All right, you got a client who calls you up.

He says, “Hey, we’ve had a great working relationship for a long time. I’d like to send over a film crew to interview you and there’ll be a director and a videographer and someone from our team and some lighting equipment, some sound equipment, interview you for a couple of hours and maybe some of your staff. Probably get some shots of your headquarters or your campus as well. All told, we’ll probably be there about five, six hours. When does that work for you?”

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I know I don’t. Do you? Do you have five hours to step down in the middle of the week to do somebody a favor? And this is why client stories don’t get done. Is because they take too much time. Just the mere logistics of getting everybody in the same room is too much. And that’s why we do it differently here. I mean, it’s a simple solution to limit the amount of time that you’re asking for. So if you make it easy for the client, they can make it easy for you.

So thanks to Brian Snyder for a great conversation yesterday, and if you’ve got questions, email me at [email protected].