GeoFence: Target HQ

target HQ
GeoFencing:  What’s left when you’re done pitching?

Okay. It’s a busy day, so I’m just going to talk about what I’m doing, and I’m going to put you in my client’s shoes. You are done pitching. You have gone out to 12, 20, 25 different companies over the course of the last month and done your big pitches… we’re talking large pitches. The difference between hiring a group of people and firing a group of people type of pitches, and you’ve done everything you can. All right? The company has three months, two months, month and a half that they’re going to consider the proposals that are in front of him, yours among other peoples, and make a decision on what they want to do.

Now you know that calling them over and over again is a really bad idea, and probably reaching out to them via email is also equally annoying, but one of the ways that you can still reach them is by geofencing headquarters. As they’re in the process of making this decision, they keep seeing you, they keep seeing your logo, they keep seeing your ad, they keep seeing why they should work with you. It’s a very good way to stay top of mind while someone is considering you.

I don’t recommend it for small proposals, but if it’s something big, if it’s something that matters, especially if you’ve got several of them going out and your sales team is depending on you, geofencing is a great way to stay top of mind.

Thanks very much to Brett Varvel for great conversation and great work yesterday. If you have questions for me, email me at [email protected].