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Testimonial Video Production: Salespeople + Trust

Testimonial Video Production Okay, so let’s talk about your sales team. All right? These guys and girls are out there every single day busting their butts, not only trying to maintain the relationships you have with your existing clients, but also to build new relationships with new people for new business.

Do not send them out there naked. Trust is a huge component of sales. Give them the tools that they need. Think about yourself. If you’re deciding on a product or a service and you’re looking at different vendors, and one of them has a dozen testimonial videos on their site and the other one doesn’t, you are more likely to choose the one that has the testimonial videos because those are statements of trust.

Those are happy clients.

Not only are they just happy clients, these are clients who have actually gone and made a video talking about how great you are. That’s a very happy client and that’s what your prospects want to be. So give your sales team the tools that they need to succeed. Don’t send them out there naked.

Thanks very much to Max again for doing double duty today. And if you’ve got questions for me, email me at [email protected].