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Pro Tip: Trust – Where are you without it?

Okay, so I was going to talk about video link today, but something came up and I need to talk about trust.

Trust is a very fragile thing. You know this. And if you have trust with somebody, it is because you have earned it and it’s because you continue to earn it. And when you enter into a business relation, and forget about friendship for a second. When you enter into a business relationship with somebody, you have expectations. I expect you to do this. You expect me to do this. Okay, let’s go. And when you don’t do the thing that you said that you were going to do, you lose trust.

Now I’m able to do my best work because my clients trust me. When I make a video, my client doesn’t spend a lot of time looking over my shoulder because they know that they’re going to get the highest and best thing that I can make. I don’t spend a lot of time second guessing myself and they don’t spend a lot of time second guessing me.

When I run an ad campaign, my client knows that I’m going to optimize it every month as I see fit. I’m allowed to do that because they trust me that I’m going to do the best possible thing for them.

That trust is important. That allows me to do the best work. And when you break trust, if something bad happens, we talked about this last weekend on Make the Mistake. You say this is what happened, it’s my fault and this is what I’m going to do to make it right.

If you don’t do that, if you don’t unmake the mistake, you lose trust. And when you lose trust with somebody, do not be surprised, don’t you dare be surprised when they show you the door. Do what you say you are going to do.

Thanks to Steve Jarosinski for being trustworthy and for being a great example to my nieces and my nephews and my son. If you have questions for me, email me at [email protected].