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3 Principles of Persuasive Argument (pt.2)

testimonial video production
Testimonial Video Production: 3 Principles of Persuasive Argument (pt.2)

Okay, back to the three elements of persuasive argument which are logos, pathos, and ethos. Logos being logic, ethos being character, and pathos being emotion. Okay, when you put together your script for your client’s story, your video, your testimonial video (and oh by the way, please have a script for your client’s story video, your testimonial video). Do not walk into somebody’s office with a camera crew and a bunch of questions, and expect them to be brilliant. That’s unfair. It doesn’t work. Don’t put them in that spot. *Short rant.*

So when you put together your script, make sure you leave room for emotion. We’re all busy trying to jam in the facts when we should be working on adding the emotion. Can you add funny? Can you add anger, resentment? Can you talk about what the person was feeling at the beginning that was frustrating, that gives them a reason to move forward? Because the person who’s watching the video needs that emotion, and they need to see that reflected in them.

If you don’t spend a little bit of time doing that upfront, you’re crippled before you begin.

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