Equian Client Story

Equian manages over $300 billion in claims data annually.  They help enterprise-level clients navigate the complex financial environments of healthcare, workers compensation, and property & casualty markets.


The Problem

Equian needed to increase B2B market awareness for its subrogation and workman's compensation products.  Social media was completely ineffective for this effort and Google AdWords did not yield the kind of aggressive targeting they needed.

The Solution

Equian came to Jigsaw looking for solutions.  We targeted digital advertising to the following:

  1. Audiences who had been to their competitors' sites
  2. Audiences who had shown interest in subrogation/work-comp services in the last 90 days
  3. Audiences who had been to their subrogation/work-comp pages in the last 30 days
  4. Audiences attending subrogation and work-comp conferences via GeoFencing
  5. Conferences & Headquarters of potential partners via GeoFencing

The Result

Equian's use of Jigsaw AdTech helped increase traffic and awareness of their services with exactly the target market they were seeking.  Sales increased an undisclosed amount YTY from the increased site traffic and brand familiarity of the competitor targeting + retargeting + GeoFencing campaigns.  Equian continues to utilize these successful tactics in 2019.

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