Video Production + Animation

What Works Best for You?

Jigsaw produces different styles of video to help you cut through the clutter and demand attention. 

Take a look: see which video style + tactic might be right for you.

3-D Animation

3-D animation is the best way for your company to be perceived as future-forward and cutting-edge.  The result is a top-shelf feature that can be used on the corporate website and as a sales tool.

2.5-D Animation

This style of animation is excellent for B2B corporate explainers when you need to demonstrate a product or service in an engaging manner.

Video Series

Most of our clients want more than one video.   Take the time to plan out a series of messages and reach your audience consistently.  This method is particularly good for B2B email campaigns or social media campaigns.  This example was built in a 1:1 ratio specifically formatted for social media.  

TV Commercials

Tried and true, TV commercials are excellent for B2C businesses that have a broad-appeal message that can be distributed across the entire DMA.


We avoid "potted plant" videos where your officers are talking to the camera in their office.  We shoot in front of greenscreen and retain visual interest with a bit of animation.

Explainer Videos

B2B Communications can be complex - simplify your offering + help your Sales Teams with Explainer Videos.

Your video should stand out. 

We've been doing this for a long time — Jigsaw knows how to help tell your story.

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